<b>Format of Initial Disclosure to be made by an entity identified as a Large Corporate.</b><br/><br/> <table border=''1px''><tr> <td><b>Sr. No.</b></td> <td><b>Particulars</b></td> <td><b>Details</b></td> </tr> <tr><td>1</td><td>Name of Compay</td><td>SHREE DIGVIJAY CEMENT CO.LTD.-$</td></tr> <tr><td>2</td><td>CIN</td><td>L26940GJ1944PLC000749</td></tr> <tr><td>3</td> <td>Outstanding borrowing of company as on 31st March / 31st December, as applicable (in Rs cr)</td> <td>0.00</td></tr> <tr><td>4</td><td>Highest Credit Rating during the previous FY </td><td>NA</td></tr> <tr><td>4a</td><td>Name of the Credit Rating Agency issuing the Credit Rating mentioned in (4)</td><td>Not Applicable</td></tr> <tr><td>5</td><td>Name of Stock Exchange# in which the fine shall be paid, in case of shortfall in the required borrowing under the framework</td><td>BSE</td></tr> </table> <br/><br/> <div> <div style=''float:left;''> We confirm that we are a Large Corporate as per the applicability criteria given under the SEBI circular SEBI/HO/DDHS/CIR/P/2018/144 dated November 26, 2018. No</div> <br/><br/><br/> <div style=''float:left;''> Name of the Company Secretary: Suresh Kumar Meher <br/> Designation: VP Legal and Company Secretary <br/> EmailId: suresh.meher@digvijaycement.com</div> <div ''style=float:left;margin-left:50px;''> Name of the Chief Financial Officer: Vikas Kumar <br/> Designation: CFO <br/> EmailId: vikas.kumar@digvijaycement.com</div> </div> <div> <br/> Date: 29/06/2020<br/><br/> <b>Note:<b> In terms para of 3.2(ii) of the circular, beginning F.Y 2022, in the event of shortfall in the mandatory borrowing through debt securities, a fine of 0.2% of the shortfall shall be levied by Stock Exchanges at the end of the two-year block period. Therefore, an entity identified as LC shall provide, in its initial disclosure for a financial year, the name of Stock Exchange to which it would pay the fine in case of shortfall in the mandatory borrowing through debt markets. </div>

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